How we create value

We have built a simple and intuitive customer experience, which in turn attracts a large customer base across B2C and B2B/TOC white label.

We have invested significantly in building out our inventory, which ensures our customers see all options and best prices. This scale has enabled us to amass significant data, which we use to make our operations more efficient, to inform the development of new bespoke features for our customers, and even to create bespoke and proprietary smart data features.

This is all underpinned by our proprietary, modern and agile tech platform, our people and our strong and diversified revenue model.


At Trainline, we pride ourselves on having diverse and exceptional talent. We’ve a highly talented team of over 600 people of 40 nationalities, spread between our offices in London, Paris and Edinburgh, 300+ of whom are travel technology specialists and engineers.


Revenue model

Trainline is paid commission by rail and coach operators on ticket sales and generates revenue from booking fees, ancillary services such as travel insurance, selective advertising partnerships, our multi-currency platform and through white label products developed for and provided to rail companies.



Our Board and Management Team are comprised of experienced, knowledgeable and highly qualified people from a variety of industries, including world-class global tech companies. As a team, we’ve in-depth experience in Technology, Product, Government Relations, the rail industry, Travel and Hospitality, Finance, Online Retail, Marketing, Growth and Entrepreneurship; a great combination geared to deliver the best possible customer experience.